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"I liked doing yoga at school because it was a new activity to try and it was taught in a fun way. I liked the different games we played and that we did yoga to music. It always made me feel much better afterwards"
 Laura Lindsay, a former yr 5 pupil at Amherst school

Yoga for Kids Parties

Fancy something a little different for your child’s birthday party this year?  A Yoga for Kids party might well be the answer!

We run yoga parties for up to 15 children.  The yoga party can be anything from half an hour to two hours.

If you wanted a two hour party, we would suggest that it is divided into two sessions, with a break in the middle for you to serve the children refreshments or a birthday lunch/tea.

The first session would take the format of a typical Yoga for Kids class and includes a fun warm up, some theme based yoga moves followed by some yoga games.  This part of the session would be active, and probably include a theme such as going to the zoo or visiting the seaside, depending on the age range of the group. The session would then wind down with some breathing exercises, leading into a period of lovely relaxation. 

At this point you might want to provide a birthday tea and refreshments for the children.  After the break we start the second yoga session. This might start with a short craft based activity, before we do more games and some fun group yoga postures. We end the session with another period of relaxation, this time including a short visualisation, which could be flying on a magic carpet or swimming with dolphins in the sea.

Price:  please call us for details

We will provide all the equipment required for the yoga session – mats, blankets, music, etc.  All you need to provide is the space. This could be your own home or maybe a church or community hall (which you would need to book and pay for separately).  Ideally the children will be wearing comfortable clothes.



The Crocodile Game at a Yoga for Kids party
The crocodile game - can you get across the swamp without being bitten?

Yoga for Kids hula hoop game

Yoga for Kids ballon game

help with the balloon game

Yoga for Kids play musical instruments