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“Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their yoga experience.  Tuesdays have been a day that everyone has looked forward to and they have enjoyed the lovely, relaxed calm feeling that it has come to represent.  One child said, "I like closing my eyes in the lesson and then I can think really clearly and think lovely thoughts."  Overall both staff and children have benefited from the ambience that an hour's yoga lesson sets within the school.”
Sarah Armitage, on behalf of the Year 3 teachers at Amherst School

Bring Yoga for Kids into your School

Yoga is a great activity to bring into your school.  Being non-competitive, Yoga can be used to target and incorporate children who are individual pursuit players as well as those that enjoy competitive sports and team games.  Experience has shown that many children who do not enjoy traditional school sports gain a lot of fulfilment from their Yoga classes. 


Yoga for Kids can help to bring Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) into the classroom as yoga clearly has strong roots in the Personal and Health areas.   It also helps schools to meet the long term goal of the Physical Education & School Strategy for Young People (PESSYP) to offer all children at least five hours of sport per week. 

Yoga sessions and the National Curriculum

Yoga for Kids are happy to tailor our yoga sessions to the curriculum.  For example, if a Key Stage 1 class is learning about dinosaurs then we can make that our theme for the yoga class and ask questions such as “What are meat eating dinosaurs called?” and move around like dinosaurs in our warm up. 


Yoga for Kids - Warrior Pose

Yoga for Kids - a group of children 

Delivery of Yoga classes

We are flexible in our delivery of Yoga classes within schools. Experience has shown that the ideal number of children in a Yoga class is 18 or less and the ideal class length is about 40-45 minutes. Given that a school class might contain 30 children, we propose that teachers choose one of the following two options:
Option 1: Run one Yoga class with half the class for 40 minutes, giving the class teacher time to spend with the other half of the class in the classroom, after which we could swap over.
Option 2: Half of the class are taught Yoga one week and the other half the next week.

We are aware of the difficulties that primary schools face with funding and curriculum constraints so we are happy to be flexible and discuss the particular needs of individual schools.


We charge schools per yoga session, however if you were to book a number of sessions back to back the charges would be reduced.

At Yoga for Kids we recommend that you book a six week block of classes. This is to give the children the chance to build up their yoga skills and reinforce what they have learnt, particularly the relaxation techniques. Again we like to offer flexibility to schools so would be happy to discuss any of the above to fit in with budget and curriculum timetables.

Yoga for Kids - a group relaxing