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“I like yoga because it's fun, and because at the end we lie down and relax. It makes you feel like going home and relaxing in bed.”
Kitty Thursfield-Allen, Year 4 Pupil at Sevenoaks Primary School


“The children have thoroughly enjoyed their yoga classes especially the relaxation at the end.  We think it is so important for children to learn relaxation techniques at an early age as it is a useful tool to have in our increasingly busy world.”
Jane Medhurst, PE & Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, St Lawrence C of E Primary School

 “Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their yoga experience.  Tuesdays have been a day that everyone has looked forward to and they have enjoyed the lovely, relaxed calm feeling that it has come to represent.  One child said, "I like closing my eyes in the lesson and then I can think really clearly and think lovely thoughts."  Overall both staff and children have benefited from the ambience that an hour's yoga lesson sets within the school.”
Sarah Armitage, on behalf of the Year 3 teachers at Amherst School

Yoga for Kids - a standing pose

Yoga for Kids - a pose for partners


“Jessica found them a relaxing and enjoyable way of breaking the day.  She enjoyed the animal shapes and the relaxation stories.  She was so happy, calm and confident and always eager to convert us all.  In a way, we all benefited from the yoga classes!”
 Hannah Wayne, mother of KS1 child in the Sevenoaks Primary School Yoga Lunch Club

"I liked doing yoga at school because it was a new activity to try and it was taught in a fun way. I liked the different games we played and that we did yoga to music. It always made me feel much better afterwards"
 Laura Lindsay, a former yr 5 pupil at Amherst school

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the term of yoga she undertook at school. She said it was a very calm and relaxing class with a very nice teacher. She also thought that it was a very quiet place to go when everything else at school was so noisy!"
Caroline Thomas, mother of a Year 4 child at Sevenoaks Primary School


“We found the yoga workshop to be excellent fun and the children really enjoyed doing something all together. The staff enjoyed it too!”
 Denise Edwards, Owner of Rainbow Out of School Clubs

Yoga for Kids - a standing pose